This year I am obsessed with perfumes. I guess I am compensating for the absence of my better-half but whatever the reason, the fact remains that I am very obsessed with perfumes. It is quite scary at times.

Anyway, on a Saturday morning, I asked myself: So girl, what perfume will you wear this winter? That got me really thinking. Where I live it is very hot and the winter is very mild so I usually go for ''summer'' perfumes. I went through my perfume collection and took my time smelling each of my babies. The winner hit me in the nose: Yria..

Yria is a fragrance by Yves Rocher and it is quite popular here in Mauritius(among YR connoisseurs)! The first time I smelled it in a friend I did not really like it. But later this year I ordered one bottle from my YR representative. I fell in love with the box: it is dark red with golden vines and leaves. I do not know why but it reminds me of Sleeping Beauty.

The perfume itself is very womanly, strong and sensual. It makes me think of a ''grown-up'' version of myself. I do not know how to describe a perfume but what I can say is that this perfume is longlasting and lingers the whole day. It is not very imposing but it leaves a trail on the skin. I choose to wear it in winter as it makes me feel very alive and not numb.