Friday, March 27, 2009

Have you made the most of the public holiday??I can proudly say that I have made the most of the day.I started out by cooking.I made faratas to help my mum(Do not mind the shower cap!!lol).My whole family and I went to my gandmum's place.I had a heart-to-heart talk with my baby sister(That's what I call quality time!!).And I had some time to write a post!!

So have you made the most of the public holiday??

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Women are those beings that seem alien to men.(I mean unless they are gay or very in tune with their feminine side).We , women, always complain that men do not understand us and this is often the cause for numerous frustrations(been there,done that!!).So what do women REALLY want?I humbly propose 5 guidelines.

  • Women want a bit of romance.For most men,once the woman has been conquered,it is job done and relaxation time.But women expect the romantic fire to keep burning.Women think mostly with their heart in love,for them the courting period is just the tip of the iceberg and they expect their men to love them more as time goes by.Love should increase,for women,while for men routine says it all.
  • Women want to feel that they are being listened to.Most women love to talk to their partners about their day at length and want to share their problems or worries or frustrations.But here also men react differently 1)either they do not listen at all and do not even make a show of listening or 2)they are lost in their own thoughts or 3)they propose unsollicited solutions or 4)they start talking about how hard THEIR day has been.A man needs to understand that if a woman has chosen HIM to narrate her day to,it is because she wants to tell HIM about it.She just wants him to listen to her and remember her crazy or stupid little things because she loves him and nobody else.Even if she had millions of admirers who drank her every word,it would never matter as much to her as just having that special man listen to her.
  • Women are proud of the men they are with and like to talk about them with their girlfriends,their sister,their mum,their colleagues,their dentist and the list goes on.But unlike a man,a woman will talk about her feelings,about how good about herself that man makes her feel.Women like to feel positive about being in a relationship.They do not want to feel jealous,possessive,angry or frustrated about being with someone.They want to feel the glow of love,be happy and at peace with themselves and their men.So a word of advice to men would be to treat your woman like the lady she is and give her more reasons to praise you and feel good about herself and her man.
  • Women want men to be possessive about them but not so much as to smother them.This is a very tricky feat to accomplish.A woman may complain that her man is not possessive enough but once he starts being possessive with her,she may chide him and tell him not to be ridiculous.Confused?Well most men are too.What men should know is that women love to be shown that you care enough for hem to be possessive but that at the same time,you trust her enough to be sure that she will never cheat on you or leave you.There's nothing more endearing than making a very independent man want to cling to you!!
  • Women want to hear about your feelings.What could be cuter than hearing a grown-up,confident and independent man tell you about his first day at school and how hard it had been to be separated from his mum?Or hear him tell you how much he loved his biology teacher (This is what a special someone once told me!!).Feelings are very sexy to women.Being sensitive is totally in.
So next time a man will meet one of these aliens,he might be able to understand her and even get to know her.This list does not end here.Other items can be included such as:complimenting your lady each time she does a special something for you,praising her(unless you happen to be Brad Pitt with Dalai Lama's personality,she is not with you for your looks or your wonderful personality),sharing her beliefs and likings(if she can watch football for you,can you not watch Desperate Housewives with her?),believing in her and making the most of every minute with her because being separated from someone you love is the hardest thing ever(Trust me!!I know what I am talking about!!).

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday mornings are meant for nothing,by nothing I mean doing nothing at all.I like to let my mind wander until lunchtime.Today,after breakfast,I sat in front of my laptop to surf on the net.I began thinking about this morning's events this far:I woke up at 8am and was back in bed by 8:05,am I lazy then?From the time I woke up till now I found lots of reasons to be angry with the universe,how come?So this reflection has prompted this post.I will try to explain the seven deadly sins in my world...

Here are the results of my SEVEN DEADLY SINS QUIZ:(pretty freaky huh?)







Pride:Very High

Discover Your Sins - Click Here

Greed - This is that little voice I hear which makes me want to buy every little useless thing I see,like that little book collection which I really needed to have to live or like all the clothes in my closet I never wear or all the earrings or all the body cream I possess but never use or lipstick which I buy for no reason at all as I do not wear lipstick.This is the voice which makes you want to grab material possessions like there's no tomorrow.Greed could stem from a lack of distraction or other worthwhile activities.

Gluttony- Gluttony is the need to stuff your mouth with the maximum amount of food or even more generally it could also mean wearing the softest fabric.Or it could be sleeping on the most comfortable bed ever,with the most luxurious beddings.Gluttony seems like a great place to be.You could even be inspired by gluttony for a birthday party theme.

Wrath (Anger) - This baby can be vey insidious.You could pride yourself in being the most calm and peaceful person on Earth and all of a sudden you are transformed in a red-eyed creature.This is one sin I could do without because apologizing after the wrathparty hurts my pride like never before.

- Ever had the urge never to wake up or to stay infront of the T V forever or to let the phone ring forever just so that you never have to lift your butt??That is sloth for you.We are all victims of sloth but let's just say that this is not the coolest sin around.

Envy - The green-eyed monster,this one manifests itself each time your friend has a bigger and better something that you do not have.This is the feeling I have each time Morinn shows me her headful of thick dark hair(lol!!love you momo).Or the envy I feel whenever I see Mrs Veena Ramgoolam's saree displays.(I'm a total fan!!)

- For me lust is the ultimate sin but,being a lady,I will not comment on this sin in relation to my personal life.Lust is infact the love that man has for another man(woman!!),the love that is directed towards man as opposed to that which is directed to God.If you have the hots for someone then you are a lusty animal or you are lustful.Lust is love perverted.

Pride (Vanity) - Before I start on this one I would like to say that I pride myself on being the humblest person around but it surprised me to hear from my boyfriend that pride was the sin he would have attributed to me.This was very hard for my ''humble'' pride(Why pride?Why me?).
Anyway pride is another uncool sin to have,like really uncool.Traditionnally it is about having more faith in yourself than in God and to dedicate your successes to yourself instead of God.

What is your sin?

(Pictures and illustrations have been selected from the web.The sins quiz is taken from the above webpage :

Saturdays for me are those days when I take some time off to do my laundry,shopping,ironing and some correction.This Saturday I decided to change this routine.Change is the essence of life,monotony is death.Fate also decided to change some stuffs in my life.As I was tread milling and almost reaching the end of my workout session,I felt a jolt and was immobilised.Still trying to figure out what happened,I got down and investigated.Turns out,according to the manual,that there's a problem requiring servicing.I called a certain hire purchase shop's assistance number and was greeted by the voice of a very bored and annoyed woman.Seems as if I was the cause of the annoyance.She continued in the same tone to tell me that assistance could only be given to me after Monday.This in turn annoyed me to no end.I was almost tempted to call back and report her attitude.I mean do these people receive a special training to have this specific tone?Or is that something inate to them?How can some people really get on your nerve?Anyway this phone call actually changed my Saturday.

The other event which changed my routine is that I took some time out to do my duty as a blogger.I wrote a post and even create a little unprivate blog to talk about my life.Another bright aspect of this day is that I helped my mum in the yard.It was barely for 15mins but what counts is that I made the move.Those who really know me will appreciate the effort and will understand the spirit of sacrifice.Today I also had the occasion to spend quality time with my baby,Azou.She is in fact my almost 4 yrs old puppy,a real cutiepie who likes to be the centre of attention and who is over spoilt.Her fave color is pink,I can not tell you how I know that.So in Azou's name I am posting this picture.

Before I start describing my week,let me just mention that I was PMS
-ing this week!!I mean seriously PMS-ing!!I quite resembled that girl in THE EXORCIST.See what I mean?And that's the time I chose to really TALK with the man of my life about my lovelife and what he could do to make things better!!Needless to say that I badly needed an exorcism!!But this situation has confirmed what I must already be knowing:this guy is a definite keeper!!A guy who can deal with this smiling girl definitely deserves an a++++ on the eligibility list.(Such a nice couple!!)

This week made me realise another thing:people like to play with fire!!No matter how adult and responsible you are,you always need to act foolishly and screw up your life!!I,for one,can not watch horror movies.I mean like nightmare galore!!I really can not take that pressure.But guess what I did last Thursday?Yeah you guessed right:I went to the nearby movie theatre and watched Raaz2(At my mum's request!!).Come bedtime I could actually see the ghost in my room!!Luckily my parents had a kid 22yrs ago just for this situation.(kidding Momo!!).That very fearless kid actually saved me from being a zombie on Friday!!

Hello to all the networms(that's actually a compliment!!As in bookworm!!)
So here's my great re-entry in the blog world!!yoohoo!!Guess I'm the only one happy about this!!Anyway,here I am back on the net due to the magic of ADSL!!What a wonderful world we are living in!!So let's all kiss our modems and pcs|laptops and bless them with a long life!!