Sunday mornings are meant for nothing,by nothing I mean doing nothing at all.I like to let my mind wander until lunchtime.Today,after breakfast,I sat in front of my laptop to surf on the net.I began thinking about this morning's events this far:I woke up at 8am and was back in bed by 8:05,am I lazy then?From the time I woke up till now I found lots of reasons to be angry with the universe,how come?So this reflection has prompted this post.I will try to explain the seven deadly sins in my world...

Here are the results of my SEVEN DEADLY SINS QUIZ:(pretty freaky huh?)







Pride:Very High

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Greed - This is that little voice I hear which makes me want to buy every little useless thing I see,like that little book collection which I really needed to have to live or like all the clothes in my closet I never wear or all the earrings or all the body cream I possess but never use or lipstick which I buy for no reason at all as I do not wear lipstick.This is the voice which makes you want to grab material possessions like there's no tomorrow.Greed could stem from a lack of distraction or other worthwhile activities.

Gluttony- Gluttony is the need to stuff your mouth with the maximum amount of food or even more generally it could also mean wearing the softest fabric.Or it could be sleeping on the most comfortable bed ever,with the most luxurious beddings.Gluttony seems like a great place to be.You could even be inspired by gluttony for a birthday party theme.

Wrath (Anger) - This baby can be vey insidious.You could pride yourself in being the most calm and peaceful person on Earth and all of a sudden you are transformed in a red-eyed creature.This is one sin I could do without because apologizing after the wrathparty hurts my pride like never before.

- Ever had the urge never to wake up or to stay infront of the T V forever or to let the phone ring forever just so that you never have to lift your butt??That is sloth for you.We are all victims of sloth but let's just say that this is not the coolest sin around.

Envy - The green-eyed monster,this one manifests itself each time your friend has a bigger and better something that you do not have.This is the feeling I have each time Morinn shows me her headful of thick dark hair(lol!!love you momo).Or the envy I feel whenever I see Mrs Veena Ramgoolam's saree displays.(I'm a total fan!!)

- For me lust is the ultimate sin but,being a lady,I will not comment on this sin in relation to my personal life.Lust is infact the love that man has for another man(woman!!),the love that is directed towards man as opposed to that which is directed to God.If you have the hots for someone then you are a lusty animal or you are lustful.Lust is love perverted.

Pride (Vanity) - Before I start on this one I would like to say that I pride myself on being the humblest person around but it surprised me to hear from my boyfriend that pride was the sin he would have attributed to me.This was very hard for my ''humble'' pride(Why pride?Why me?).
Anyway pride is another uncool sin to have,like really uncool.Traditionnally it is about having more faith in yourself than in God and to dedicate your successes to yourself instead of God.

What is your sin?

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