Saturdays for me are those days when I take some time off to do my laundry,shopping,ironing and some correction.This Saturday I decided to change this routine.Change is the essence of life,monotony is death.Fate also decided to change some stuffs in my life.As I was tread milling and almost reaching the end of my workout session,I felt a jolt and was immobilised.Still trying to figure out what happened,I got down and investigated.Turns out,according to the manual,that there's a problem requiring servicing.I called a certain hire purchase shop's assistance number and was greeted by the voice of a very bored and annoyed woman.Seems as if I was the cause of the annoyance.She continued in the same tone to tell me that assistance could only be given to me after Monday.This in turn annoyed me to no end.I was almost tempted to call back and report her attitude.I mean do these people receive a special training to have this specific tone?Or is that something inate to them?How can some people really get on your nerve?Anyway this phone call actually changed my Saturday.

The other event which changed my routine is that I took some time out to do my duty as a blogger.I wrote a post and even create a little unprivate blog to talk about my life.Another bright aspect of this day is that I helped my mum in the yard.It was barely for 15mins but what counts is that I made the move.Those who really know me will appreciate the effort and will understand the spirit of sacrifice.Today I also had the occasion to spend quality time with my baby,Azou.She is in fact my almost 4 yrs old puppy,a real cutiepie who likes to be the centre of attention and who is over spoilt.Her fave color is pink,I can not tell you how I know that.So in Azou's name I am posting this picture.