Before I start describing my week,let me just mention that I was PMS
-ing this week!!I mean seriously PMS-ing!!I quite resembled that girl in THE EXORCIST.See what I mean?And that's the time I chose to really TALK with the man of my life about my lovelife and what he could do to make things better!!Needless to say that I badly needed an exorcism!!But this situation has confirmed what I must already be knowing:this guy is a definite keeper!!A guy who can deal with this smiling girl definitely deserves an a++++ on the eligibility list.(Such a nice couple!!)

This week made me realise another thing:people like to play with fire!!No matter how adult and responsible you are,you always need to act foolishly and screw up your life!!I,for one,can not watch horror movies.I mean like nightmare galore!!I really can not take that pressure.But guess what I did last Thursday?Yeah you guessed right:I went to the nearby movie theatre and watched Raaz2(At my mum's request!!).Come bedtime I could actually see the ghost in my room!!Luckily my parents had a kid 22yrs ago just for this situation.(kidding Momo!!).That very fearless kid actually saved me from being a zombie on Friday!!