I have found some sure ways to get over the winter blues this year :

  • Moisturize : I have found that having a moisturized,smooth skin goes a long way to cheer up my mood. I use everything from face cream to foot cream.

  • The second thing is to have a great smelling shower gel that makes cheers you up. This winter I have used some of Yves Rocher's shower creams which are amazing and Avon's Apple and Honeysuckle shower gel (followed by its body lotion).
  • The third advice is to really rub that body cream into your skin. I use different brands depending on my mood. Lately I have been using Avon's Rich Moisture Body Lotion and Nivea's Happy Time. Happy Time smells great and its name says it all for me.
  • The fourth thing I do is to consume some magnesium, present mainly in bananas or you can buy the pills from your drug store.
  • The next thing is not to stress and to be happy. Being stressed just adds to your problem. Try to be cheerful even in the face of your problem.
  • Lots of sleep!!!

[Some of the pictures above have been found from the web and are not mine.]