I am currently in a very serious relationship(with marriage possibilities)with a Scorpio guy who happens to be the most un-Scorpio ever and I am a very un-Libran myself.I happen to be a very hyper person who is a bit of a control freak with a bit of a possessive streak and very very manipulative and very much into feminism and a bit of a loudmouth with in your face frankness(You think that is impossible?Meet me,you will see!!).Commitment is not my forte!!My better half is the most tolerant,calm,sensitive,sweet,unassertive,loving(hot!!) and secretive guy I have ever known and commitment is his thing.The only things we have in common are our independence and the love we share.

If you ever try matching our signs you may find that we are not meant to be together while in reality we have already spent almost 3 yrs together.We spent 1 year running away from each other,the second year was spent trying to hide our love from my parents and the third year was spent by being apart.But what is good with our signs is that we are complementary.When I want to break up,he is always dissuading me and telling me how much we are good together(he never talks of breaking up).When he is discouraged,I try my best to make him laugh(I am his personal clown!!).I do not know about him but he is my best friend(after my sister!!).And there is nothing better than loving your best friend.