This is every girl's worst topic of conversation and worst nightmare.You meet a cool guy.You like him,he likes you and things start developping and feelings are born.He professes his eternal love and you profess yours.Everything is perfect until you start getting curious about his ex-girlfriend.Who is she?How does she look?

I do not know about you, girls, but I had an image of my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend.She had to be the opposite of me(or in some ways better than me!!):someone mysterious,gorgeous,suave,intelligent(good in maths),I even had the perfect astro-sign for her ,Taurus (Bipasha Basu!!) which is the best sign for Scorpio, she would be the type of girl he would always yearn for.But reality is quite different!!I do not want to be bitchy and rude to my boyfriend's exes but let me just say that I am happy for him that he is with me!!

Furthermore there is always a reason why someone is girlfriend while another is ex-girlfriend.Believe it or not,boys do not always think of their ex.That is until you remind him of her.Guys are good at forgetting and this time it is beneficial!!