A common problem encountered by both committed and married women is loneliness!!All the single ladies out there do not even realise how lucky they are!Check this out:would you like to be in a relationship where you are the only one present?That is because the other half is busy with his playstation or doing a similar activity.(Much as I love myself,the answer is a definite no!!).I mean why do men think women love them?Because they are God's gift to women?I mean wake up!!If you can not make the woman you love happy,why are you with her?Let me just clarify myself here : I am not saying that all men are like this and I do not have anything against men.All I am saying is that some men tend to take their ladies for granted after the initial courting phase.In the initial stages of courtship,men are sensitive,loving,caring and most importantly,they communicate!They show so much passion for their ladies.So why do they lose these habits once they have conquered your heart,once they have heard the famous three word expression(I love you!)?

Even if you are the hunkiest man on Earth, you can not keep a woman glued to you just for your looks.What women want is to be swept off their feet!That is why all those soap-operas run for so long!!Women like the magic of love,the sizzling effect of romance and the dizzying sensation of passion but what they get in real life is different!!I do not mean that men should be romantic,seductive and passionate everyday but once in a while does a lot to improve a relationship.Does the woman who will bear your kids,do your laundry,cook your favourite food,put up with your excentric relatives(optional),keep your house clean ,be faithful to you,take care of you through thick and thin,through rich or poor times,support you through hard times and be your old-age partner deserve at least that??