Easter holidays are the shortest holidays of the academic year(primary and secondary education) but they are the best holidays because one does not have the opportunity to get bored(that is always a good thing!!).

I have spent the first week of the holidays being the perfect daughter to my mom.I went to my grandmother's place for the weekend and I did not even mind using strange toilets(eew!!) and eating out.These two things normally strain my tolerance.I even went to a Janewa ceremony(hindu initiation ceremony!!) and I have socialized!!

I bought myself a little Ipod shuffle which is the best thing that has ever happened to me.That little beauty is a little miracle of technology(for me at least!!).Imagine being able to save 100 songs in a little device of a few centimeters!!I am smittened by it and I even sleep with it!Here I wish to give my thanks to my sister,Morina,who did everything so that I could listen to my favourite songs.She advised me on the type of device I should buy,she went to buy it,she helped me upload my favourite songs and she even called me a 'noob'(which is not as flattering as it sounds!!).I got reacquainted with Leann Rimes,Celine Dion and The Corrs.

So that's how I am spending my holidays,being a good daughter,listening to music,reading, watching my favourite series on t v and talking to my boyfriend.I have finished reading The Ghost by Danielle Steel and believe it or not,I am very happy I have read it.For those of you who have never read a book by Danielle Steel,let me just say that she is a writer who describes human emotions like nobody.Loss,death,betrayal,motherhood or sickness are the main themes of her books.Her books are so realistic that one can not help but be touched by them.I bought a box of tissue papers just to be able to read these books(note to myself:buy more tissue paper!!).Imagine reading a book by Danielle Steel while listening to Leann Rimes singing Crying Time.

Desperate Housewives's season 5 premiered last night on Canal+ and that had been the brightest part of yesterday.I loved watching Dexter(for now byebye Dexter,welcome back Gabby,Susan,Lynette,Bree,Eddie and Catherine!!) but Desperate Housewives is something I can share with my mum and my sis and that makes everything 'funner',if I may say so!!This is so important to me that I even asked my boyfriend to wait till after the show to call him.I was so excited that I finished all my chores at 7 pm and waited before the t v for the show to start.Finally I was not disappointed by the first two episodes of season 5.I really look forward to the rest of the season.

So last night when the man of my life asked me why I loved that show I said with joy in my heart that it is cause I can relate to these women.For a single woman I think that this series really tells us what to expect from married life and that things change.

So after the first week of holidays I can really say that I am having a blast and I have not even eaten any chocolate!!long live the Easter holidays!!

[So how are you spending your Easter Holidays?]