One of the biggest problems in winter is having chapped,dry and bleeding lips. I really hate that. This year I have anticipated the problem and I have already bought my lip balm. I ordered Avon's Sheer Lip Gloss with Jojoba Oil. It can be used as a lip balm as well as a lip gloss. It has a light pink color to it which is very pleasant when going out as you can be fashionable while protecting your lips from the cruel cold. I am very happy with this product. I find its packaging to be cute and girly. It is very small and can be used when travelling or going out.

On the con side I would say that it is quite expensive. I bought it during the special Mother's Day 'promos' by Avon and even then it cost me around Rs 400 for 10ml. So let's just say that this is not the most affordable lip balm on the market. If you are really looking for good deals then check out Super U's lip balm products. I noticed one enriched with shea butter which looked quite good and it costs around Rs 120. So let us conclude by saying that when it comes to fighting against chapped lips in winter , everyone can have his/her own beauty products and recipes. Here I would like to give out a little advice to all the boys out there, using lip balms does not diminish your manhood. On the contrary girls appreciate the fact that you are caring enough to spare us the sight of chapped and even bleeding lips!! I end on this gory note!!