This is one of my favorite products - L'Oreal's Nutrisoft for dry and very dry skins. I bought this body milk last year during a sale on L'Oreal products at Super U. I kept it at the back of my cream drawer and forgot about it. Last month,while going through my body creams I rediscovered this cream. I tried it and I fell in love with it. The milk acts like a gel and it is easily absorbed. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and velvety. My skin is fully moisturised and I do not feel the itchiness so common in winter.

This body milk can also be used in summer as even on hotter days,it does not become sticky or greasy. It is so easily absorbed. Another good point for this cream is that it does not have a strong smell. It leaves the skin feeling lightly perfumed and it does not interfere with my deodorant or perfume.

This cream is sold in a 400 ml container but I saw a smaller container being sold too. The price ranges from Rs 350 - 430 depending on the dose you are buying. Despite its price it is a good buy,especially if you care for your skin. The price is quite decent given that you are buying a L'Oreal quality product.

What is your secret for a velvety,moisturised skin? And where do you buy it from and how much does it cost?