Shower time is one of my favourite times of the day. I tend to make it an even better experience by using shower creams or shower gels. This month I have fallen in love with Dop's Abricot de Roussillon shower cream (which is apricot from the region of Roussillon in France). The name itself sounds very exotic to my Mauritian ear. I tried it and here is my appreciation.

The packaging itself is very attractive with the vibrant orange and yellow colors. The luscious abricots seem to be full of energy and wellness. The container is very practical to use during the shower. This shower cream exudes a sweet smell which remains throughout the day. It is really moisturising and softening. Its creamy texture is easily washable and leaves a pleasantly sweet smell.

On the practical front, this product is sold in a 300ml container for about Rs 144 and it lasts for about one month. Hence you spend just Rs4.80 per day on this shower cream. This makes it a very good deal for me.